Path To Jumpstart With Javascript

Path To JumpStart With JavaScript

A car battery is used to JumpStart another car with dead battery.

Do you feel like making a start with something new? Are you lost as there is so many things to learn? Your battery has drained out and not giving you a start anymore? You need a Jumpstart.


I was working on mainframe for 7 years. It was like fixing bulbs and doors in an old mansion to keep it going. There was no major engineering as the mansion was built already. I wanted to do more but couldn’t afford a mainframe of my own. It was time to start something new by stepping out of the safe mansion. I started with JavaScript and now I don’t have word ‘mainframe’ in my profile. I rewrote it. And so can you. And trust me, there is no looking back thereafter.

JavaScript has grown so much (web, desktop, mobile, TV, hardware, server) that it is now called Universal JavaScript. The language once known as toy language is now not just a language but also known as an Ecosystem.

Here is must watch video on JavaScript is Everywhere by Douglas Crockford, father of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

You can do so many things with one single language. You can even step out of your usual app dev mode to programming anything mode, if you like to. Samsung is banking on JavaScript as language for IoT (Internet of Things).

Path to JumpStart with JavaScript:

The first month or two can be very daunting. And if you have put all your money into it (like me dumping my 7 years of mainframe experience), you might ask yourself what am I doing with my career (like I did that time). Just hang onto it and you will pass this phase. Change is Good.

Here is my attempt to JumpStart you with JavaScript using my battery.

1. Learn JavaScript:

JavaScript is a tiny language. Learn it instead of just using it. Because of its syntax similar to other languages, developers just start using it without feeling the need to learn it. In last 4 years of my interviews with JavaScript developers, I have heard only a few saying that they are learning the language besides using it. Please don’t take it for granted. JumpStart learning JavaScript with this list by Eric Elliot.

2. Don’t Take Shortcuts:

Don’t jump onto frameworks/libraries to make your life easier. You will miss a lot of skills that the language is offering in its vanilla form. Frameworks and libraries hide away complex problems and their solutions in them and leave little for us to learn from the language. Frameworks/libraries come and go. What stays around is the language.

3. Grok Frameworks And Libraries Source Code:

Don’t ignore frameworks/libraries altogether. They solve complex problems in best possible ways. They are written by experts and so reading their source code is one of the best ways to learn the language.

4. Contribute To Frameworks/Libraries:

While you are at it, grokking the language more and more, you should start contributing to the frameworks and libraries. Some day you might write frameworks or libraries of your own.

5. Learn ES.Next:

ECMAScript 2015 (also called ES2015 or ES6) is the next and the most awaited version of JavaScript coming this year. With year in its name, we will get more such updates every year from now on. Guess what, ES2016/ES7 is already work in progress. Upcoming versions that are lining up are called ES.Next. These are coming one after the other with bigger and wider impacts. Most of the projects/frameworks/libraries will be written in ES.Next. So catch it before it catches you some day.

6. Pair With Other JavaScript Enthusiasts:

Though at #6, this has the most impact. This will keep you motivated all the time and will never let you drain away your battery. Strive to make a high velocity team explained here. Ultimately, it’s all about teamwork.

7. Run Pet Projects:

Convert your ideas into reality. Pet projects will help you learn what you want to learn very quickly. So don’t wait until your regular project is over. Make them open source on Github for others to contribute. It’s time for your repos to get forked and receive pull requests.

8. Follow Tech And People On Twitter:

Follow technology and the people who are shaping the technology on Twitter. Get into network of people who are into what you are. This will keep you up to date on what’s latest and what’s happening around the world in things that you are interested in so that you can become part of it. This will keep you inspired and on track all the time.

9. Write Blogs:

Four years back, I was asked to write blog on JavaScript and I believed there was nothing to write about it. After following the language for some time, I realized there is so much to write. Get into habit of jotting down what you learn everyday and then converting them into blogs for others to learn from.

10. Prepare Monthly Study Calendar:

Mark your calendar with what you want to study in each week for next 4 weeks and stick to it. Repeat this every month. You need to set some time out for doing this. Start with an hour a day on weekdays and few more hours on weekends and see how it goes.

11. Run Meetups:

Now you are reaching there with packets of knowledge to deliver. Meetup is a really good platform to share you knowledge and learn from others. Monthly meetups will help you set your monthly study calendar well and stick to it. Here is a meetup that I started running recently.

12. Speak At Conferences:

Once you are on track, this will happen naturally. Aim to speak at conferences. And then, you will find yourself starting from step 1 and repeating all these over and over again.

Don’t feel left behind. All you need is a JumpStart. Hang onto it and you will ride on it.

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