Raspberry Pi 2 First Blog

Booting up my new gadget I am excited to share the experience of my new posession with you. Well, a few weeks back I bought a new gadget for myself referred to as Raspberry Pi 2 (alias RP2). As you might be aware, it’s a credit card sized CPU, the smallest one would have ever […]

Playing With D3

Playing Around with D3.js A Guide to Create Simple D3 Visual "A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture can also be worth many data points (or more!)".  Traditionally data is stored in various tabular/text formats through which it becomes quite difficult to understand how it is fluctuating. But only when we plot the […]

Data Science With Julia

Data Science with Julia Introduction to Julia Julia is: High-level dynamic programming language. Addresses the requirements of high-performance numerical and scientific computing. Also equally effective for general purpose programming. Sophisticated compiler. Just-in-time (JIT) compilation, implemented using LLVM. Distributed parallel execution. Numerical accuracy and an extensive mathematical function library. Provides ability to define function behavior across […]

Swift Fun Around Functions

Swift: Fun Around Functions On this tour towards Swift & its Functional behaviour , Today’s article is about doing some fun with Swift functions, like we discussed earlier in previous blogs functions are returning functions, currying and operators on functions, many more. In this blog we’ll start use functions that takes a Int and return […]

Creating Dsl In Groovy

DSL stands for Domain specific language. DSL's are “targeted at a particular type of problem.” Their syntax is focused on the intended domain or problem. They are not used for general-purpose programming like you use Java, Groovy, or C++, because DSL's have a very limited scope and capability. (definition quoted from various online sources) A […]

Swift Higher Order Function

Higher Order Functions In Swift Welcome back to our Swift Functional programming blog series. Hope we have turned the basic tile over this journey, However we have a lot more to discuss. Let’s start again to have closer look at Power of Swift Language. So far in this series, I talked about Swift's philosophy or […]

Concurrency In Go

Concurrency in Go A brief introduction to Go // Every Go program is made up of packages. // Programs start running in package main. // Main refers to "executable". Others are libraries. package main // Declares libraries referenced in this source file import ( "fmt" // The fmt package (shorthand for format) // implements formatting […]

Path To Jumpstart With Javascript

Path To JumpStart With JavaScript A car battery is used to JumpStart another car with dead battery. Do you feel like making a start with something new? Are you lost as there is so many things to learn? Your battery has drained out and not giving you a start anymore? You need a Jumpstart. Inspiration […]

Swift Functional Programming

Swift Functional Programming I have been working with Swift since it came out, I have been listening , reading from the people in industry about multiple programming paradigm like: * Procedural languages * Object-oriented programming * Literate Programming * Imperative Programming * Declarative Programming * Functional Programming * Logical Programming Moreover, I also listening, reading […]

Cdh On Azure Blog

CDH on Azure Recently I worked on a unique Hadoop Project in which we deployed CDH (Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop) on Azure. This platform provides “BigData as a Service” to Data scientists of a large organization. This deployment has rarely been implemented anywhere before. Sharing some of the knowledge and first hand experience acquired while […]