Why do we react?

Functional programming and reactive programming have been more of theoretical concepts for frontend developers in the past because they seemed like overkill tools especially for something as simple as web-pages in the era when the frontend was a dumb static representation of the server state. But now things have changed. Redux creator Dan Abramov rightly […]

Angular Component Cutter Using Es2015 Gulp And Webpack

Angular Component Cutter Using ES2015, Gulp and Webpack Cookie Cutter to get base cookie. We have components everywhere. Our software is no exception. We have them in cutting edge stuffs like Bower, NPM, Web Components, Ember, and now in Angular 2. Components are like building blocks in Lego game which does one thing and does […]

Customizing Angular Directives

Customizing Angular Directives While developing Angular Application we have a obvious choice of using third party directives. Most of the time these directive are suffice to handle all the use cases. But situation may occur when you feel that there is really something missing to fulfill your Specific problem. Common practice is to add your […]