Why do we react?

Functional programming and reactive programming have been more of theoretical concepts for frontend developers in the past because they seemed like overkill tools especially for something as simple as web-pages in the era when the frontend was a dumb static representation of the server state. But now things have changed. Redux creator Dan Abramov rightly […]

Ddd Angularjs

Domain Driven Design in angularjs For developing any software we need to have clear understanding of design philosophy which will be followed to solve the given problem.We do have myriads of options. Based on the requirements we choose the best fit.One of the design philosophy is Domain Driven design. DDD An object model of the […]

Angularjs Role Based Access On Gui

AngularJS – Role based access on GUI These days we are busy in coding for frontend in our application and we are primarily using angular for that. A recent requirement was for role based access on GUI. A person can have multiple roles assigned to him and it was needed that a he should be […]