Blockchain: Reshaping Financial Services Industry

When we talk about the innovations in Financial services industry Blockchain Technology appears at the top of the list. Blockchain is considered as second generation of Internet that promises to bring transparency, trust, privacy and security to the global economy. According to the 2016 report by World Economic Forum(WEF) on future infrastructure of banking, 80% […]

Banking Industry: Innovate or Perish

With the advent of digitization, the Banking industry is undergoing a massive change — a disruption in the way traditional banks do business. With technological shifts and changes in regulatory environment, the emerging FinTech players are giving incumbents a good run for their money. New players, business ideas, platforms, and models are rising because of […]

Performance tuning the camel parameters in backbase CXP application

Backbase is an Omni-Channel Digital Banking platform empowering financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and effectively compete in a digital-first world. It unifies functionality from of traditional core systems and new FinTech capabilities into a seamless digital customer experience. Thereby, drastically improving any the customer channel. In any banking application, we interact with core banking for everything via […]