A new way of writing components: Compound Components

As you already might have used many patterns/techniques while developing an application with React, today we are going to scratch the surface of one of the techniques called Compound Components. Why Compound Component? Compound Component allows Developer to take control over the rendering behavior, that gives the Developer, ability to decide in what order the component should […]

Why do we react?

Functional programming and reactive programming have been more of theoretical concepts for frontend developers in the past because they seemed like overkill tools especially for something as simple as web-pages in the era when the frontend was a dumb static representation of the server state. But now things have changed. Redux creator Dan Abramov rightly […]

Ddd Angularjs

Domain Driven Design in angularjs For developing any software we need to have clear understanding of design philosophy which will be followed to solve the given problem.We do have myriads of options. Based on the requirements we choose the best fit.One of the design philosophy is Domain Driven design. DDD An object model of the […]

Path To Jumpstart With Javascript

Path To JumpStart With JavaScript A car battery is used to JumpStart another car with dead battery. Do you feel like making a start with something new? Are you lost as there is so many things to learn? Your battery has drained out and not giving you a start anymore? You need a Jumpstart. Inspiration […]

NodeJS newbie – Basics

NodeJS newbie – Basics NODE JS…a very popular buzzword in the developer world since 2009, yet there are very few good tutorials out there for it. This is where I feel I can pitch in, to formulate a single document to which newbies to NodeJS can refer to and get things kicking while getting a […]

Javascript Closures Long Live Locals

JavaScript Closures – Long Live Locals A hot air balloon forms closure to hold hot air. Googling ‘closure’ gives you this TLDR version: In programming languages, a closure (also lexical closure or function closure) is a function or reference to a function together with a referencing environment — a table storing a reference to each of the […]

Let There Be Let In Javascript

Let there be ‘let’ in JavaScript Let there be ‘var’ in JavaScript. This problem, which is source of many other problems, is dated two decades old. It all started when JavaScript was created back then in matter of 10 days by Brendan Eich. And it exists even today which is why it’s super important to […]

Angular 2.0 And Aurelia An Updated Comparison

Day 2: Angular 2.0 & Aurelia – An updated comparison The new direction Angular 2.0 is taking created a lot of discussion in the community. Some people love it, some people hate it. Looking at Angular 1.x, most people agree there is room for simplification, performance enhancements and native support of new language features. Not […]

Ecmascript 6

ECMAScript 6 aka Harmony Hi Guys, this is a blog where I will be talking about ES6 codenamed “Harmony”. Starting with a short history on the growth of ECMAScript world, leading to listing the features/changes implemented in ECMAScript 6 and explaining few of those prominent features comparing it with ECMAScript 5. Lastly, I will give […]

Ten Useful Javascript Tips And Best Practices

Ten Useful Javascript Tips and Best Practices In this slideshare presentation there are ten useful JavaScript techniques which can be included in your application easily with less friction along with some AngularJs tips and best practices as a bonus. These tips and best practices are accompanied by examples & will cover script loading, design pattern, […]