Big Data Testing

Big Data Testing in Hadoop Ecosystem This blog is for people who want to understand what to test in the Big Data ecosystem or what are the scenarios to cover in Big Data Testing. We will cover the following topics:- Brief understanding on what is Big Data Why require Big Data Testing High level architecture […]

Different Approaches To Write Automation Commands In Selenium Webdriver

Different approaches to write automation commands in Selenium WebDriver Selenium WebDriver support different approaches to write automation commands while writing automated test scripts. In this blog we will understand about the implementation of click(), sendKeys(), keyUp(), keyDown() and moveToElement() automation commands. Following are the approaches which help to implement above mentioned automation commands: Using Generic […]

Performance Testing Using Jmeter Part 2

Performance Testing using JMeter (Part 2)- Login into a website In this blog, I will explain steps needed to create a JMeter workflow for login into a website. I will also cover various components of a JMeter test plan components like HTTP Cookie Manager, Regular Expression Extractor and Response Assertions. I will use website […]

Performance Testing Using Jmeter Part 1

Performance Testing using JMeter (Part 1)- Start with Recording a Test Script These days it is expected that every functional or non-functional automation tool should provide record and playback functionality so that testers can write tests that closely mimic a real user interaction with the system. JMeter is an open source, powerful load testing tool […]

Mongodb Integrate Robot Frameworkride

MongoDB with Robot Framework(RIDE) Installation instruction of MongoDB on Windows There are three different version of MongoDB for Windows: Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Windows Server 2008 To find which version of Windows you have, use the following command in the cmd: “wmic os get osarchitecture” Download the MongoDB from following location as per your OS […]

Mobile Test Automation Framework Using Cucumber Appium And Page Objects

Mobile Test Automation Framework using Cucumber, Appium and Page Objects For teams developing & maintaining mobile apps for both Android & iOS platforms, functional testing is a huge challenge. The current process of updating apps over the air is very easy, raising users’ expectations of new features delivered sooner. So what this means for development […]

Extending Selenium Grid Capabilities

Extending Selenium Grid capabilities Selenium 2.xx has built-in Grid Functionality which provides support for distributed test execution i.e. multiple test automation scripts can be run at the same time on different machines running on different OS and browsers. Grid uses a DefaultCapabilityMatcher to match the machine(Node) requested by test script in the grid setup. Currently […]

Selenium Builder Future For Code Less Testing

Selenium Builder – Future for Code-less Testing Selenium Builder is an extension to Firefox which helps you easily build and export Selenium tests using record and playback capabilities, and then export those scripts to any programming language. The most important feature to come along in Selenium Builder is built-in support for Selenium 2/Webdriver. You can […]